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Deep Forest Audio is made up of a team of audio professionals and music composers dedicated to meeting all your audio outsourcing needs involving interactive or linear media.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Deep Forest Audio is run by Eduardo Vaisman, a veteran sound designer with more than 16 years of experience working on feature films, television, and online content. If you can name it, Eduardo’s probably done it—including working as a sound supervisor; re-recording mixer; dialog/sound effect/music editor; ADR, music and Foley recordist/editor; music producer; composer; and postproduction supervisor. In 2007 he relocated to Toronto to further develop his career and hasn't looked back since!

Thanks to its network of partner studios in Quebec, Canada; Argentina; and Mexico, Deep Forest Audio boasts a seasoned trilingual production team adept at catering to the language needs of video games, commercials, TV shows, and online media capable of delivering the same high quality in all versions of the same project. 

Deep Forest’s network of talented and experienced composers enables it to produce original music tailored to your individual needs, from 8-bit crushed melodies and infectious beats to fullscale orchestral compositions. 

Our services include:

+ Sound design and supervision

+ Sound editing (dialog, music, ADR, Foley, ambiance)

+ Music composition and production

+ Voiceover directing and recording in English, French, and Spanish

+ Mixing in 5.1 and stereo (including Dolby Pro Logic I and II)

+ Additional audio implementation and intensive testing for interactive projects 

Since every project has its own unique set of requirements (production timeline, budget, requirements, etc.), we believe in taking the time to fully assess your needs and project variables. Next, we’ll get back to you quickly with a quote, workflow, and schedule—and see your project through to completion.

We love getting our hands dirty from the get-go, leaving you time to relax and focus on the numerous other aspects of your project. If it’s too late to start from scratch—and we know it often is—we’re also able to step in at any point along the way and help you take your sound to the next level. 

We think our work speaks for itself, so please check out our reel page.